Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"The Dog Park"

"The Dog Park" is Laurel Canyon Park. Lots of dogs and walkers. Lots of fun.
Today was a good day to be a dog walker.

Charlie the golden comes with me and the crew just about everyday. Charlie is a prince, never has a bad hair day, always has fun.

Murphy was a surprise guest. I love this dog.
Something I need to make clear. I play favorites. I love all the dogs, really I do - but I have to say, when Murph is around I am always smiling. Murphy is all Love.

Jasper the puppy went home today. He stayed with me for a few days while his peeps went to play in the snow. This is what he looked like when I woke him this AM.

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  1. finally, murphy is a star. we've just been waiting for him to be discovered. sweet boy misses you.