Friday, February 27, 2009

Forgot the camera in the car.

I forgot the camera in the car at the dog park.
I guess I'll dig up a pic and a story.

Kira and Fizzgig.
Kira's people called me about some problems walking her. She was exhibiting some leash aggression. Pretty common problem. I think this is gonna be EZ. We schedule a training session, I sit with them to get some info. K and F are perfect angels in the house. Loving and sweet and really responsive to training. Kira's people are great at working with her. The dogs are on great food, get plenty of exercise, love and guidance. Cool. Out the door. Kira sees a dog and looses her tiny mind. She is like a badger! She is barking and growling and flopping around like an angry fish out of water.
Didn't expect that...
cool... i got problem....
We try a couple things. Desensitization, counter conditioning, long walks, short walks, snacks, great snacks, hamburger, solo walks, family walks, long leash, short leash, gentle leader, harness......
I have a talk with her people. They are so cool. They are working their butts off and still trying so hard. I can't believe how good and patient they are. I am running out of tricks. I am getting a little sad.
Then on a really crappy training walk, her owner says this "I don't care if she is perfectly trained...I just want her life to be better."
I was so touched. People call me to train for a lot of reasons. Bad dog stuff drives people crazy. They want to change the behavior so their life is easier. These people just wanted Kira's life to be easier. So, freakin' cool
Sing it with me "ain't no mountain high enough.. ain't no...."
I became obsessed with figuring this out. Nothing was going to stop me from getting Kira to her happy place..
and nothing changed.. for a while.
In a moment of inspiration or desperation, I took Kira out on a long leash and just followed her. I let her bark and approach and do her thing with no interference. I saw something I didn't see before. She was interested and excited and with enough freedom she calmed down. We started going to the dog park. She met more and more dogs on her terms with more freedom and confidence. Her walks at home became better.
Kira and Fizz rock the dog park 3 days a week with me.
No problem.
Fizz makes motorcycle noises when he is happy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, my friend Adam rescued a dog.....


He doesn't have a name yet...
Please send suggestions.
I think his name is Junior.

I went to the dog park today with a fun little crew and my friend Cam.

This is Lady Bug. She only hangs with us a couple days a week. Yeah, she is always that good looking. She has the prettiest eyelashes allowed by law.

These people did not go to the dog park today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"The Dog Park"

"The Dog Park" is Laurel Canyon Park. Lots of dogs and walkers. Lots of fun.
Today was a good day to be a dog walker.

Charlie the golden comes with me and the crew just about everyday. Charlie is a prince, never has a bad hair day, always has fun.

Murphy was a surprise guest. I love this dog.
Something I need to make clear. I play favorites. I love all the dogs, really I do - but I have to say, when Murph is around I am always smiling. Murphy is all Love.

Jasper the puppy went home today. He stayed with me for a few days while his peeps went to play in the snow. This is what he looked like when I woke him this AM.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We hiked Bronson today.

Today we hiked Bronson Park. So beautiful - The trails are extra special after all the rain.
Super Awesome dogs on the hike today:

Willis - Bichon/poo/seahorse mix

Charlie - golden ret.

Einstein - lil white dog

"the pugs" - there are other pugs - none as super as Fitz and Monty

Jasper - puppy

Chikki - tiny puppy

Jax -sweetest yellow lab

Mickey - the only one

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome to Super Awesome Dogs!